Homeowner Insurance Basics

Homeowners insurance is property insurance that is used to provide coverage against potential losses involved with owning a home. Homeowners coverage combines personal insurance protection (including losses occurring to your home or your belongings and the loss of use of the home - additional living expenses, along with liability coverage to protect against costs due to accidents at your home.

Even though a homeowners policy covers both property and liability, all the risks are paid for with a single premium.

The premium for homeowners insurance usually depends on what it would cost to replace the house along with which additional riders or endorsements are included in the policy. The premium paid is normally a term contract, giving you coverage for a fixed amount of time, say a year.

Homeowners insurance is pretty well credit based, and based on any prior losses, the insurance companies do run a report that will tell them whether there’s ever been any history of claims or losses on the property.

Replacement Value vs. Actual Cash Value

Something that I find in writing homeowner’s insurance is that you need to look for policies that give you replacement cost coverage on the dwelling and the home, instead of actual cash value, because you’ll get more money…  Read more


When buying homeowners coverage there’s a lot of coverages that can be added by endorsement, meaning for example, if you’ve got a lot of valuable goods, like jewelry, guns, artwork, whatever the case may be, with a value that is over the policy limits, you can simply put an endorsement on that will increase the coverage for those assets.

A lot of people don’t realize this but …  Read more

Liability Coverage

I always write liability coverage with homeowners insurance so if anyone gets injured on the premises it will pay for any claims, and it adds a very small amount to the premium for what you get.  For example, …  Read more

Earthquake Coverage

Earthquake coverage is added to homeowners insurance by some people …  Read more

Condominium & Renters Insurance

There are condo policies that are separate from homeowners - the homeowners covers the outside walls of the dwelling, as well as the contents, whereas the condo insurance covers “between walls” …  Read more

Your Homeowner Insurance Agent

Many agents, when it comes time for the homeowner’s insurance renewal, because most of them are more interested in spending time looking for new business, and because a lot of the homeowner’s policies are automatically …  Read more

Coverage for Vacant Property

We do have the availability now to cover vacant properties.  Say you’ve got a house that’s been sitting vacant for over 30 days …  Read more

Cancelling Homeowner Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance is a coverage that in tough economic times, and especially after the home is paid for, the owner may decide that since the mortgage company doesn’t require it, they don’t have to carry homeowners insurance, and so they drop their insurance to save some money …  Read more

Gordon Lampley is the owner of Sunbelt Insurance, Inc., in Dickson, Tennessee.

Gordon is an independent agent with 37 years of experience, representing 20 insurance carriers and offering all lines of property & casualty, life, and health insurance.

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