Roadside Assistance Coverage

This is a pretty unique feature, offered by more and more carriers now.  It will pay for a wide range of disablements of your vehicle, like flat tires, dead battery (and getting a jump start), running out of gas, locking your keys in your car, radiator boiling over, etc.

It’s very similar to an auto club like AAA, it’s now offered by lots of insurance carriers, with a cost of about $8 per month for most policies.

And most insurers will offer this even if you carry liability insurance only.

Gordon Lampley is the owner of Sunbelt Insurance, Inc., in Dickson, Tennessee.

Gordon is an independent agent with 37 years of experience, representing 20 insurance carriers and offering all lines of property & casualty, life, and health insurance.

He can be reached by email or by phone at 615-446-9292.

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