Settlement of Auto Insurance Claims

So many consumers think that the price of insurance is the real deal.  But they need to look at what they’re getting for their money.

They need to look at the service, the reputation and claims service of the insurance carrier, the agency itself, how they educate the customer and how they follow up on claims.

A good carrier is going to get things rolling with their adjuster within 1-2 days, and a good agent will make sure that they stay on track. Sometimes the agent needs to remind the insurance adjuster that the customer paid for the benefit and we (the insurance carrier and the agent) need to fix this problem right.

I had a recent case with a lady with a lot of hail damage, over 70 spots on her hood, roof, and trunk.  The adjuster wanted to repair the damage using a cheap dent puller service.

I had to remind the adjuster that he’s working not only for the insurance company but is also there to represent the customer.  The customer paid for a benefit, and let’s just repair this right, instead of a cheap band-aid solution.  If we do it the cheap way and next year the paint starts chipping around these repairs, will the company pay for another repair based on a continuation of the claim?  NO!

The adjuster admitted that he wouldn’t want his car repaired that way, especially if he’d bought insurance, and they went ahead and repaired the lady’s car correctly.

Having an experienced agent on your side is absolutely critical when it comes to settling a claim.

Gordon Lampley is the owner of Sunbelt Insurance, Inc., in Dickson, Tennessee.

Gordon is an independent agent with 37 years of experience, representing 20 insurance carriers and offering all lines of property & casualty, life, and health insurance.

He can be reached by email or by phone at 615-446-9292.

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