Accidental Death - Auto Insurance Coverage

→  May 29th, 2009  →  Auto Insurance

This is a type of coverage that is pushed by some carriers that’s not a good deal for you.
This is offered by agents who are just looking to increase their commission.
You could be in a wreck and get seriously injured, and this coverage won’t help you at all.  To get paid from this coverage, you [...]

High Deductible on Auto Insurance

→  May 19th, 2009  →  Auto Insurance

The “deductible” amount on your policy is the amount of money that you are responsible for if you make a claim.  For example, say you had a claim and your insurance company agreed to an amount of say, $3,000.  If your deductible was $200, the insurance company would pay $2,800, which is the $3,000 less [...]