Settlement of Auto Insurance Claims

→  May 29th, 2009  →  Auto Insurance

So many consumers think that the price of insurance is the real deal.  But they need to look at what they’re getting for their money.
They need to look at the service, the reputation and claims service of the insurance carrier, the agency itself, how they educate the customer and how they follow up on claims.
A [...]

Tennessee Minimum Auto Insurance Levels

→  May 29th, 2009  →  Auto Insurance

I hardly ever write auto policies with only the state required minimum coverage.
The Tennessee state minimums are 25/50/15, which means the insurance company will pay up to $25,000 for bodily injury to one person, and if more than one person is injured, they’ll pay up to a total of $50,000, and they’ll pay up to [...]

High Deductible on Auto Insurance

→  May 19th, 2009  →  Auto Insurance

The “deductible” amount on your policy is the amount of money that you are responsible for if you make a claim.  For example, say you had a claim and your insurance company agreed to an amount of say, $3,000.  If your deductible was $200, the insurance company would pay $2,800, which is the $3,000 less [...]